【English Version】レゴ(LEGO) ハリーポッター ヴォルデモートの復活 75965(The Rise of Voldemort)



Thank you for joining me today!

I’m Japanese and write this blog in Japan.

I gonna make up show you 「75965 The Rize of Voldemort」from 「Harry Potter」series.

Sorry, I haven’t watch this movie in my life yet as usual.

I was able to get this set at 40% off!

Then let’s go to the Revue!




Two bags and instructions.

Also a seal is included.



Minifigs and a lantern.

The Face of spirits makes me afraid.

It makes child afraid not to mention.



Death and a baby boiled in iron pot.

The baby is a single part.

A sickle of Death have great molding.

Then let’s get start to construct a main model.



At the beginning , construct a big tombstone.

Fundamentally , I only pile blocks up high.

But in the picture you see , a block of gray color is the function of beam.


Constructed gradually.



The whole figure is unveild.


I connect two plates beside of the main plate.

Let’s get finish!



All is done.

Not only lantern , tombostones are great sculpture.


「Load Voldemort」suddenly appers bottom from ground.

A simple gimmick is contained.

Only pushing the handle.

 Extra parts.


こいつ、動くぞ!(This is moving!)

A hero「Harry」have short legs part in the lower half of the body.

This part couldn’t move not all.

But in this set , we see big progress in this part!

Like this , we can make a pose of sitting down.

Great !

Finally We achieve.


おまけ(alternative element)

I foundout one sinple thing in this set.

A base is like the 「Speederbike」of 「starwars」series.

The picture is from「Rey’s Speeder」that I made before. 

Then , let’s get construct 「tombstoneing Speeder」!

Unexpected, it’s completed easily.

Tombstones , lantern , Death is into the Speeder.

I only used plate the back.



Having a bargain sail though, I enjoyed much in this set.

Especially , tombstones and Death have great shape.

We can play this set even if we don’t know「Harry Potter」series.